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July 7, 2023 Kiteman

High-Tech Kite Shows for Unforgettable Entertainment

Elevating Entertainment with Kiteman's High-Tech Kite Shows

Kiteman is renowned for their use of high-tech kites, which are controlled by a kite pilot facing backward on a moving vehicle like a SeaDoo, ski boat, 4-wheel ATV, or pick-up truck. This ensures the show can go on regardless of wind conditions. These performance kites are engineered to carry electronics, lighting, and other show elements while remaining maneuverable and robust. In this article, we discuss how kite shows produced by Kiteman offer a unique and exciting form of entertainment that can be customized to suit various events and conditions.

Kiteman offers turnkey show production or can collaborate with a creative team to create a show tailored to the performance area and conditions. Kiteman produces various types of kite shows, including Daytime Shows, Nighttime Shows, Atmosphere Shows, Indoor Shows, Sidewalk Shows, and Static Shows.

Daytime Show

Daytime Show is a performance shown during the day without lighting or pyrotechnics. These shows typically include multiple showings and are designed to entertain guests in a designated seating area. The show incorporates kites, music, acrobatic ski performances, dance numbers, trained animals, characters, and puppetry to create a cohesive show lasting between 15-20 minutes. Examples of a Daytime Show : Disney KiteTailsSea World’s Fusion ShowElmo and the Bookaneers and Lego Land’s Battle for Brickbeard’s Bounty

Nighttime Show

Nighttime Show is a performance done after dark, combining LED and Pyrotechnics, typically shown once or twice a night as the grand finale of the day’s events. The show is viewed from multiple locations, lasts 20-45 minutes, and is set to music with firework displays and laser lighting. Examples of a Nighttime Show : Epcot ForeverKuwait’s 50th Constitution Day40th Anniversary UAE National Day

Atmosphere Show

An Atmosphere Show provides passive entertainment for guests and is designed to create a mood or ambiance for an area or event. These shows may be scheduled at various times throughout the day or feature a constant stream of different kite elements to add spontaneity. Examples of Atmosphere Show : Doha Tribeca Film Festival

Indoor Show

An Indoor Show is similar to a traditional theater show, featuring no-wind kites performing choreographed routines and interacting with other show elements like lights, lasers, and projections, as well as skill-based performers like acrobats, dancers, and jugglers. These shows are held in spaces with high ceilings and no wind currents, such as those caused by AC vents.

Sidewalk Show

Sidewalk Show involves flying kites outdoors or on pavement near guests. This type of show requires significant skill and showmanship as the performer interacts with guests and ensures their safety from the kites. Ultralight-wind kites are used, and the shows can include non-flying elements like dancers, jugglers, and stilt walkers.

Static Shows

Static Show involves kites anchored into the ground and flown without a powered vehicle, dependent on wind conditions. These shows may take place during the day or evening and may include traditional kites or kites on poles, as well as lasers, black lights, and other LED technologies.


In conclusion, kite shows produced by Kiteman offer a unique and exciting form of entertainment that can be customized to suit various events and conditions. From daytime and nighttime shows that incorporate lighting, music, and pyrotechnics, to atmosphere shows that provide passive entertainment and indoor shows that feature choreographed routines, Kiteman offers a range of options to suit different preferences and occasions. Whether it’s a show on a lagoon using large inflatable characters or a sidewalk show among guests, Kiteman’s expertise and creativity can bring any vision to life. With a focus on maneuverability, robustness, and the use of high-tech equipment, Kiteman ensures that every show is not only visually stunning but also safe and enjoyable for everyone involved.

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