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Feather Banners

At Kiteman, we take pride in offering feather banners that truly stand out from the crowd. Our commitment to innovation and quality sets us apart, and we’re excited to share the exceptional features that make our feather banners a cut above the rest.


Superior Material

Our solid color banners are crafted from high-quality 70D Ripstop Nylon with a Silicone coating on one side. This special coating enables the banner to catch wind effortlessly, ensuring a captivating display that catches everyone’s eye. Our custom banners utilize a polyester silk material that was specifically picked to allow full color saturation on both sides of the banner, while keeping the elegant flutter.

Full-Wrap Graphics

Unlike traditional feather banners with black or white pockets, Kiteman goes the extra mile by continuing the graphic and using the fabric as a pocket. This creates a more complete and visually stunning banner with ample surface area to showcase your captivating graphics.

Swivel Attachment

Say goodbye to reinforced pockets that wear out and poke through! Kiteman’s feather banners feature a smart swivel attachment at the tip. This ingenious design allows the banner pole to stick out from the tip, reducing stress and minimizing the risk of tearing.

Convenient Hook and Loop Attachment

Experience hassle-free assembly with our user-friendly hook and loop attachment system. Once the banner pole is inserted, it securely fastens to the bottom section of the telescoping pole. No need for complicated bungee setups and protruding hooks that could snag or cause inconvenience.



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