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Case Study

Smithson Valley High School Marching Band

Custom fabrication using dye-sublimation for background props

For the Smithson Valley Ranger’s Marching Band’s 2023 season, Kiteman was entrusted with an exhilarating task: the creation of props for their performance entitled “The Voice Within.”

Our objective was clear: design prayer wheels that were both lightweight and manageable for the band members. This challenge led us to construct four wheels, each measuring 6.5ft in diameter and 9ft in height. These wheels were designed to be housed within a mobile frame, allowing them to be effortlessly transported to various positions during the performance.

Embracing innovative techniques, Kiteman utilized carbon-fiber rods for the internal frame, complemented by sturdy 1-inch webbing. This frame was then cloaked in a robust blockout polyester material, seamlessly brought to life through our precise dye-sublimation process and meticulous sewing. For ease of maintenance and adjustments, we incorporated velcro enclosures at strategic points on the structure.

Taking the aesthetics up a notch, Kiteman’s design team infused the graphics with playful details. One delightful twist includes Sanskrit characters that, when interpreted through Google Translate, cheerfully rally “Go Rangers.” Additionally, the design subtly integrates elements from the Carmel School District logo and pays homage with an “SV” emblem for Smithson Valley.

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