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LightSail Replica Kite

Custom made kite to represent the Light Sail launched from Cape Canaveral May 20, 2015

In 2015, to commemorate the launch of the LightSail from Cape Canaveral, Kiteman was commissioned to craft a bespoke kite, a replica symbolizing this momentous event. The Planetary Society’s CEO, Bill Nye, famously known as “The Science Guy,” was to pilot this unique kite during the launch festivities.

Bruce Flora, the visionary founder of Kiteman Productions, collaborated with John Lutter – who was the American Kitefliers Association President at the time and is now a co-owner of Kiteman Group – to design and construct this special LightSail kite.

Crafted from an extraordinary mylar fabric, typically used in lining military aircraft cockpits, the kite not only reflected the aesthetic of the actual LightSail but also resonated with the event’s innovative spirit. Enhanced with vinyl lettering for branding, the kite was a perfect emblem of the occasion.

On the day of the launch, Bill Nye took the kite to the skies in a parking area near the viewing site, symbolically mirroring the LightSail’s ascent into space. The event was a resounding success, marking both the rocket’s launch and the kite’s flight as triumphant celebrations of human ingenuity and exploration.

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