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Case Study

Fantasmic Show and Fireworks

Custom spinning bird props developed for scene background

Kiteman was tasked with constructing custom bird props using lightweight materials for a scene in re-imagined Hollywood Studios nightly Fantasmic Show and Fireworks in Orlando, FL. These props were designed to be swung by performers to make the birds spin in a circle.

To achieve this effect, Kiteman engineered a solution that combined an epoxy-resin telescoping pole with a swiveling hand-base. This combination allowed performers an ergonomic method for manipulating the bird prop, imparting a natural and smooth motion to the bird’s flight.

Kiteman developed the bird props in two sizes. The frame was constructed from aircraft aluminum, with ripstop fabric serving as the sail. A specialized mechanism was incorporated to enable the performer to control the bird’s movement while maintaining a consistent outward-facing orientation to the audience.

To enhance visibility during the night scene, the Bird Props were coated with Wildfire UV paint. This paint was chosen for its ability to react to the UV lighting effects on the Mountain, creating a striking visual impact.

Once the show concludes, the bird prop can be removed from the pole using a quick-release pin. The entire assembly was designed for compact storage on the set, ensuring that space was used efficiently and the prop was ready for subsequent performances.

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