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Case Study

Bass Pro Shops

Custom dye-sublimation of the Bass Pro Shops Logo for a kite.

Kiteman collaborated with Blake Pelton to print a large version of the Bass Pro Shops logo on Ripstop Polyester, which was then sewn onto a large fish kite designed by kite designer Rolf Zimmerman.

The project required Kiteman to perfect the method of dye-sublimation on rip-stop polyester. This task presented a challenge due to the low melting point of the fabric, contrasted with the high-temperature needs of the dye ink.

The project was printed in two sections, and then sewn on to the kite by Blake Pelton. The finished kite was designed to fly behind a boat or anchored to the ground.

The kite was officially debuted at the Okoboji Winter Games Kite Festival in 2024.

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