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Case Study

5th Annual Autism Gala

Custom Dye-Sublimated Kite-Inspired Ceiling Display

We were asked by White Noise Consulting & Design to participate in designing and building a ceiling display featuring kite shapes for the 5th Annual Autism Gala at the Anthem Theater in Washington DC, hosted by the Embassy of Qatar and the Autism Society of America.

We constructed three 15-foot Diamond-shaped displays that comprised the center-piece of the display and featuring the words, “The Sky is the Limit”, with three 36-kite displays with 4-foot Diamond Shapes stretching throughout the theater.

On the stage, there were two 15-kite displays combined with on-stage elements to flank the projection screens.

All of the kite displays were dye-sublimated printed in our Orlando facility, and made of a Fire Retardant material.

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